Game Designer | Concept Artist | 2D+3D Assets


b. 1986, HK.



B.F.A. Computer Game Design, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA     Dec 2018

Concentration: Visual Arts


Class Project

Rival Storm (Capstone), George Mason University                                 Jan 2018 – May 2018

·       Worked in a group of 7 people to research, design, and test a cross culture fighting game.

·       Used knowledge in photoshop to develop 4 different character designs

·       Created environmental assists for 2 levels in 3ds Max.

·       Creative lead for Art Bible and 17-page Game Design Document.



Stage Hand, Eagle Bank Arena, George Mason University                     Aug 2014 – Mar 2018

·       Interpreted instructions for equipment worth over $2,000 to create a safe environment.

·       Worked with a team of over 80 staff members to efficiently transport equipment.

·       Adapted to a workload of over 18 hours a day.

·       Handled multiple pieces of equipment weighing over 1 ton.



Game Analysis Design Interest Group, George Mason University         Aug 2016 – Mar 2018

·       Designed all attributes of 6 playable characters over the span of 3 months.

·       Worked in a group of over 20 people to layout streamline game mechanics.

·       Created 2D assets for 4 different games.

·       Lead role in Narrative and Game Design Document sprint teams.


Volunteer Work

Music and Gaming Festival D.C. Staff Member                                       Jan 2010 – Jan 2018

·       Welcomed and instructed 20 volunteers on tasks required throughout the weekend.

·       Managed inquires of over 300 participates within the course of four days.

·       Played a vital role in keeping team moral high.

·       Became familiar in the innerworkings of a convention that housed over 36,000 people.



·       Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,

·       Efficient in 3ds Max and Unity

·       Experienced in Microsoft Word and Excel

·       Versed in C++ and Visual Studios